Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)


The WIOA Program assists adults, dislocated workers, and youth within our thirteen-county area to attain employment with economically self-sufficient wages through work-based learning, on-the-job training, or incumbent worker training.  This program also partners with local training providers to assist eligible participants within the Southern Middle TN area with books, tuition, travel reimbursement, childcare, and other supportive services needed while completing their training program.

ptti edu k9dc5zt1gq0 unsplash -  South Central TN Development District

WIOA Program Team

Barbara Kizer

WIOA Program Director

Michelle Barnett

WIOA Program Coordinator & Compliance Officer

Regina Locker

Business Service Representative & Special Projects Coordinator

Roberta Brazier

Business Service Representative & Special Projects Coordinator

Kaitlyn Nix

WIOA Administrative Assistant

Lisa Moore

SCTDD/WIOA Fiscal Manager

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